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Green Computing
Accel Towards Technology With Green Computing

Knetwork Tech is focusing on technologies that complies with Green Computing to attain higher energy efficiency. Conventional ways of designing infrastructure are proven to be wastage of eletricity and incurred higher costs of operation.

With today's virtualization and containerization technologies, we can grately reduce wastage of eletricity and costs of operation.

Knetwork Tech is ready to provide you these solutions to reduce your costs of operation via these modern technologies, and at the same time, providing solutions to manage your infrastructure at ease.

Our Services
Our services are mainly focus on Open Source technologies and also in compliance to Green Computing.
Linux Operating Systems
We provide supports for both Enterprise versions of Linux and Community versions of Linux.

Fresh installations, troubleshooting, hardening, optimization etc.
Anything related to Linux, we are ready to provide the support on it, no matter you are on telco level, enterprise level, SME level etc, we have the experience to meet your requirements.
Even if you are in need to migrate your application & database from Unix to Linux, we can assist to from end to end to provide you the appropriate solutions. We called this migration solution as U2L.

We support multiple kinds of virtualization technologies.

Our support for virtualization does not limit to the Open Source ones only.
We also provide supports for other virtualization technologies, as we understands that virtualization can in fact reduce the costs for running a data center, and provide flexibility in resources managebility & scalability.

Cloud & Containerization
Cloud Management Softwares, Containers Provision/Management Tools

Cloud Computing technologies are no longer something new in the industry.
The flexibility of cloud computing scalling the resources, as well as its ease of deployment of the containers, make cloud computing a perfect choice to reduce operational cost.
No matter you in need for a public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud, we are ready to provide a proper solution base on your needs.
Be it IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, SDN, hyperconverge etc, we will provide the service based on what you need for your business.

XaaS/Cloud Services Hosting
Want to reduce the headache of managing your own infrastructure?

If you would like to eliminate the hassle of managing your infrastructure, but still wanted to use the applications with the benefits of scalability, we can host the service for you.
Any kind of payload, you just name it, we can host it for you. We can even provide you with an isolated tenancy for your containers to separate them from other containers in our infrastructure, if you are hosting multiple services with us.
Currently we are recomending our Backup as a Service, DR as a Service and a few more of the services to be hosted with us, as these are the services which is crucial for safe guarding your data offsite in case there are any misfortune to your on-premise infrastructure.

Other Services
We can do a lot more!

Aside from above listed services, we are also expert on applications clustering.
If you lokking into central management suites like Red Hat Satellite, Suse Manager, Foreman-Katello, Spacewalk etc. We are more than happy to provide you the solution.
You need automation? Well, automation is part of the most important component of the cloud. If you need it for not only your cloud, Ansible, Pupput, Salt, Chef will be the options we will provide to your infrastructure.
For any single server applications or database, we can do it for good amount of mandays.

General Contact Email: contact@knetwork.tech
Contact Number: +6010-7851337

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